10 Keys to Writing in The New World

Now is the time to be a writer but today’s technology is forcing all of us to reinvent ourselves. We’ve had to develop an entirely new skillset in order to be successful in this industry. While the change has certainly led to an increase in the popularity of reading with the newer generation, it has also forced us to develop a new model for writing. Here are ten essential keys to building this new model.

1. Prose: The trinity of content has never been more important than it is today. That trinity consists of devoting time to reading, writing and sharing. Furthermore, the trinity of communication consists of people, platforms and promotion (including pre-promotion).

2. Passion: In today’s world, there’s no reason why people shouldn’t be following their passion. As writers, we have to love creating and communicating our ideas to the world. This passion must be real, as I will explain shortly.

3. Purpose: It’s essential to set goals with your writing. Set daily word count goals, publishing goals and community goals that inspire you. Then work to achieve them.

4. Pre-Promotion: Always start marketing for your book before it’s released. Test different marketing strategies as you progress.

5. Promotion: Show passion for your writing by sharing it with the world. Help inspire others to do the same.

6. People: You will not be successful as a writer if you do not develop people skills. Building relationships with readers, communities and other writers is one of the most important tasks that you will undertake. Let your internal passion shine outward in order to serve others.

7. Professionalism: First and foremost, you must maintain a positive outlook on publishing. Trust me when I say that people can see through false passion. In other words, if you’re not truly passionate about writing then people will be able to see right through your lack of passion.

8. Sustainability: There are three things that make this world go round. We call this the holy trinity of sustainability and it works in this order: people, planet and profit.

9. Platform: Learn about all of the different publishing platforms and genres of books so that you are able to truly define your target audience.

10. Perseverance: There are certain universal rules that apply to all career paths. With writing, our primary focus should be placed on content, communication and commitment. However, we must also stay courageous, have a plan, discipline to follow that plan, and a long-term outlook. When you fail, make sure that you fail forward. Finally, simplify your life in every way possible. Useless adversity will only consume what limited resources you already have.