10 Self-Publishing Survival Tips

Traditional publishers are sharks! Self-publishing is where you find success as an author. Here are 10 tips to help!

Traditional publishing is all but dead. Those that remain have begun preying on the inexperienced, costing these people much more than money. They cost them their dreams. These sharks have created turbulent waters that lead some people down a path of debt and desolation.

That’s why I’m such an advocate of self-publishing. I do everything in my power to help new authors face this vast ocean that we call the world of publishing. Authors deserve the opportunity to have their words seen by the world. Everyone deserves a chance to succeed.

With that goal in mind, here are 10 tips to help self-published authors. Remember, you’re not alone!

#1: Instead of asking people to buy your book, entertain them with some enlightening Tweets and Facebook Posts. Prove to your audience that you are able to capture their attention. Once you have their attention, you can tell them about your book.

#2: Readers are the life source of writers. Seems obvious, right? Many authors who are new to self-publishing do not put enough focus on their existing readers. They spend all of their time trying to find new readers. Make sure that you take the time to interact with your readers and show them just how important they are. If you do this correctly, they will actually market for you.

#3: No amount of promotion is as powerful as writing your next book. Always make writing a priority. You can even use current writing as a way to let your current audience see behind the curtains. Keep them updated as you progress on your next book. Take pictures and maybe even consider posting short excerpts.

#4: Most books do not achieve overnight success. It takes time. That’s why you should be working on your next book. Never stop writing! Build your marketing schedule around your writing time, ensuring that writing gets the highest priority.

#5: Give away free books! You have to start from somewhere. What better way than to give away free books, sample chapters and allowing the lending of your book? Stop worrying about piracy or DRM. In the beginning, you want as many people as possible to read your book.

#6: Agents and publishers are completely different bodies. With that said, having an agent is always a good idea. They can help you with a lot of the legwork including dealing with overseas markets and media rights. Agents will also help motivate you by holding you accountable.

#7: Building an email list is the most important step you can take. You also have to make sure that you are consistent. If you promised a newsletter on the 1st of every month, then be sure to deliver on that promise.

#8: Videos are the most powerful form of media on the planet. Readers love seeing their favorite authors on video because it helps to connect with them. In fact, you should try creating short videos rather than writing a blog post. Videos are quick, more personal and easy to share.

#9: Always be yourself. There are too many fake people on the internet as it is. Don’t become one of them. If you’re awkward (I know I am), then embrace your awkwardness!  If you love math, then showcase that knowledge. Be authentic!

#10: Finally, don’t look at your fellow authors as competition. We’re all in this together! Readers are willing to buy books from several different authors so it’s not like you’re fighting for readers. Help other authors and you can expect the same in return. We are all one big happy family.