3 Proven Book Publishing Methods in 2020

The future of book publishing is here and the internet contains an overwhelming amount of information regarding book publishing methods. It’s easy to get buried under the sheer volume of data available. Authors are no longer limited to the dreary method of sending letters to literary agents and hoping they get lucky. The power has shifted to authors themselves, providing a number of options.

The number of options available is both a blessing and a curse. While it’s easier than ever for new authors to dive into the publishing waters, most of the methods found online are just not effective. With that said, here are 3 book publishing methods that are proven to be successful.

Book Publishing Method #1: Traditional Publishing

This is the oldest form of book publishing but it’s still a valid way to become a published author. The problem is that it’s the most difficult to get into. However, the assumption that authors have no chance of finding a traditional publisher is not correct. It’s just more challenging and forces authors to learn how to present their books in a professional manner. The process follows like this:

  1. Send a query letter to a literary agent and have it accepted.
  2. The literary agent will pitch the idea to publishers.
  3. Publishers agree to terms.

The biggest advantage of using a traditional publisher is that a lot of the work is taken care of. Most traditional publishers will handle publishing costs, copyright fees, and editing. In some cases, they might even offer advanced royalties but this is normally reserved for proven authors.

What they don’t do is market the book. Unless they pay advanced royalties, book publishers are likely going to expect the author to do most of the marketing.

The biggest downside to traditional publishing is that the publishing company gets certain rights to the book. One of the biggest selling points with self-publishing is that the author retains all rights to the book.

Book Publishing Method #2: DIY Self-Publishing

The next book publishing method is the option most beginners opt for when self-publishing. Do it yourself is exactly what the name implies. The author does everything themselves. They edit, design, and market their books all on their own. This is the most difficult path to tread.

This is quite overwhelming for even seasoned authors so it’s definitely not recommended for beginners. However, it’s also the cheapest method available. Before you even think about using this book publishing method, answer these questions:

  • Are you good under pressure?
  • Can you set and meet your own deadlines?
  • Are you good at multi-tasking?

It’s an overwhelming process so most people tend to have a lot of problems keeping it under control. Self-publishing requires experience to master so someone going in with limited knowledge is going to struggle.

Finally, keep in mind that while DIY publishing is the least expensive option, it’s not free. Authors still have to pay for things like an ISBN, copyright, and marketing.

Book Publishing Method #3: Self-Publishing with Outsourced Help

This is the best book publishing method in 2020. Authors keep full control of their book and they hire contractors to handle tasks like editing and cover design. Outsourcing ensures that skilled professionals are handling important areas of the publishing process.

One of the most important tasks to delegate is editing. It’s almost impossible for a writer to efficiently edit their own book. So outsourcing this task will almost triple your book’s chances of success.

Book cover design is another important task that can be outsourced.

That’s just two of the tasks that can be outsourced. The key to this book publishing method is that it provides help in essential areas so that new authors are not overwhelmed by the self-publishing world. Plus authors get to maintain full rights to their book.

With that said, the downside is that this method is the most expensive of the three. The first thing authors should do is set a budget. Having a budget will show the author what areas they can efficiently outsource.

Publish your Book Soon

Now that the three best book publishing methods have been reviewed, it’s going to be much easier to publish your book. These are three proven ways to publish and while this list isn’t as comprehensive as some you’ll find online, it’s also much less overwhelming to just focus on three possibilities.

Once you understand the basics, you will find it much easier to start to comprehend the more advanced views that are scattered across the internet.