7 Reasons You Should Be Using Videos to Promote Your Book

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The thought of video promotions scares the bejesus out of some people. I know it scared me when I first started to think about the idea of putting myself on display. There are even a few beginners who still feel that YouTube is a waste of time. However, you should seriously consider getting your face in front of a camera and your books on the screen.

The Popularity of Videos Continues to Grow

People are searching for videos at an astonishing rate. That does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. The fact is that if you post a video using the right strategy, then people are going to find it. If you consistently post high quality videos then people will subscribe to your channel. Videos are even easier to rank on Google, which means you get even more viewers.

Videos Have Become Vital to SEO   

Future technologies are starting to become a reality. Google have started releasing innovative tools like voice recognition and automatic captioning. Videos are starting to become even more search engine friendly than ever! Authors who are not using video promotions are going to start seeing their search engine rankings take a huge hit.

Videos Allow you to Connect with Readers

Selling books is all about connecting with other people. If a reader likes and trusts you, they are going to be more willing to buy your books. Next to meeting a reader in-person, a video is the best way to instantly connect with readers. When they hear your voice, see your expression, and notice your composure, they are going to determine whether or not they like you. These non-verbal cues are next to impossible to convey with blogs and sales copy. Therefore, you need to be using videos.

Videos Provide Hidden Opportunities

Video suits your style and personality so you are able to clearly stand out as an author – even if you are shy. Some popular authors have been signed by major publishing companies just on the basis of their video presence. When used in addition to your written blog and other text-based outlets, videos add a new dimension that allows agents to find you.

Videos Drive Traffic to Your Website

Videos are one of the best ways to drive traffic to your main website. You get a reader’s attention with your video and then direct them to your website, which will then convert them into sales or subscribers.

Videos Reach Across All Genres and Niches

The demographics for videos might surprise you. Contrary to what some of you might believe, YouTube’s audience is not just teenagers looking for funny videos. There are people from all walks of life. No matter what genre or niche you are writing about, you will find the appropriate audience on YouTube.

Videos Make you Stand Out in a Crowd

In my experience, I find that most authors are not exactly tech heavy people. That’s probably why there are so few authors who use video marketing to promote their books. My point is that you can really stand out by using video promotions.

1. Quick Basic Starting Tip

Find a camera somewhere and just record yourself talking. Pretend you are speaking to a reader. The key here is to just practice speaking in front of a camera. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You will not be uploading this video. Your goal here is to just practice, then watch yourself and take notes.

2. Use Screen Capture Software

While you practice actually speaking in front of a camera, you can go ahead and start recording your first real video. I find that the best place to start is to put together a video presentation. Find a program like Jing or Screenr (both of which are free), develop a how to concept, and then record a video presentation. This can be in the form of a “how to” video or even a synopsis of your fiction novel.