Affordable Editing Services That Add Value to Your Words

Top-Rated Professional Book Editor Who Works Hard to Deliver Value to Your Readers

A professional book editor provides tremendous value to your published book. Don’t settle for proofreaders masquerading as editors. Your book deserves more than that. My affordable editing services ensure that your book is structured correctly and delivers the intended message.

Investing in a professional book editor can mean the difference between selling a dozen copies or landing on the first page of Amazon and selling thousands of copies.

My editing packages are carefully planned to deliver the most value for your money. As a self-published author, I understand that most new authors don’t have thousands to spend on editing. I’ve put together several editing packages to meet your budget and deliver top-quality services.

Affordable Editing Services Packages

Have a Professional Book Editor Review your Book with Flexible Packages Sure to Meet Any Budget!

Option 1: Line Editing Service

Make Your Dreams Come True

Perfect for authors who want to publish quickly and don’t want to spend a fortune.

Achieve your dream of being a published author with this basic service designed to add value to your book without costing a fortune. I created this affordable editing service from popular demand as an alternative to full editing. Here’s what to expect.

  • One-Page Summary detailing the book’s quality.
  • Fix all typos and other small errors in the book.
  • Correct grammar where appropriate.
  • Remove repetitive statements and other redundancies.
  • Flag larger issues if I see them.

This service ensures that your book is cleaned up and ready for publishing. However, I take it a step further than other similarly-priced editors by performing small rewrites and making light revisions where necessary.

I also include a one-page summary of larger developmental issues that you can improve to take your book to the next level.

In short, if something looks bad, I fix it – but I won’t spend a lot of time obsessing over huge issues like plotting, character development, structure, and issues that involve extensive time to fix.  

Cost: $0.015/Word

Option 2: Full Book Editing and Proofreading Services

Dream Big

The Sky’s the Limit with this Full-Blown Book Editing and Proofreading Package.

Take your book to the next level with two full-blown edits that will transform words into magic. But this type of editing isn’t for the faint of heart. Expect every small detail to be reviewed with a fine-toothed comb and analyzed by a professional book editor.

This is my most expensive editing package, but takes your book from draft all the way to publication. It’s the service that best-selling authors and large publishing houses use to polish their books.

Stage 1: Developmental Editing 

I review the manuscript and perform a full developmental edit. This editing phase identifies all major problems and provides detailed instructions on how to correct them. The first edit focuses solely on story and structural edits. Think of me as your personal writing coach. I’ll identify trouble areas and provide a detailed report that reveals:

  • Redundancies and long-winded sections that can be rewritten or removed.
  • Areas where conclusions can be made stronger.
  • Detailed suggestions for rewrites.
  • Detailed questions for you to answer about your book that will show me how to help you improve certain areas.

I get asked about rewriting a lot so let me address that now. Developmental editing is not a writing service. We break everything down into easy-to-follow steps and guide writers through revisions. This is a common misconception.

Editors will rewrite small portions of text and make corrections to grammar, spelling, and other smaller issues.

With that said, I do offer writing services and if asked, will customize a service package that includes extensive rewriting along with editing.

When finished with developmental editing, you will receive all files and a detailed report showing you major issues and guidance on how to fix them. I will answer any questions.

Stage 2: Line Editing

This phase is a sentence-level edit that makes sure that every word adds value to the book. Line editing includes:

  • Rewriting sentences to make them more engaging.
  • Improving word choice so that each word impacts the reader.
  • Fix grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

Everything is tracked using the Tracked Changes feature in Microsoft Word.

I will rewrite short sections and correct all typos. Anything that can’t be easily fixed will be flagged with detailed comments on how it can be improved. Again, this is like getting personalized coaching. But getting back a heavily edited manuscript full of comments is intimidating to beginners but it will identify your weaknesses so you can improve upon them.

Your manuscript will probably require some rewriting and more work on your part once the editing has been completed. This is normal. It’s what separates amateur writers from bestselling authors.

Cost: $0.03/Word

Option 3: Quick Edit

Blissful Dreams

Low-Cost Option for Beginners to Breathe Life into their Manuscript.

This is a popular option for beginners who need a low-cost way to add value to their book. I will review the book and write up a detailed report that shows you where improvements can be made. This report won’t show you every little detail but focuses on large red flags that are holding back your manuscript.

The majority of self-published books fall prey to the issues I’ll pick up on in this review. I’ll point out problems that will cause readers to put down your book. While I don’t go in and make any changes or perform any line editing, I’ll provide feedback on weaknesses and show examples within the manuscript of weak writing, repetition, and provide tips that will help you improve it.

$0.01 / word

Option 4: Taking the First Step

Daydreaming of Success on Amazon

Hook your Readers and Avoid Most One and Two-Star Reviews on Amazon

It’s absolutely critical that your first chapter hooks the reader. Most readers only give a new book five pages to get their attention. If they don’t care about it by then, they’ll put it down. The majority of one and two-star reviews on Amazon are from readers who don’t make it past the first chapter.

I’ve decided to create this affordable editing service package to help authors fix the most important part of their book without having to invest in full editing. This package includes full developmental editing for the first 5,000-words of the manuscript. I provide a detailed report of weaknesses and explain how they can be fixed.

This package includes 5,000 words so if that encompasses more than the first chapter, then those chapters are included as well.

Fixed Price – $150

Need Help Deciding Which Option is Right for You?

I offer free consultation to tell you what your book needs in order to become a potential Amazon best-seller. This consultation gives you several options and details the benefits of each. This fully customized consultation is highly valuable, even if you choose to use another editor.

Here are some basic rules for editing requirements”

  1. You need Developmental Editing Package if:
    • You have just finished writing your book and have not it edited at all.
    • You think your book requires extensive rewrites.
    • You think your book’s content needs to be in a different order.
  2. You need Line Editing if:
    • You have already gone through the book and feel like the content is structured properly.
    • The book works as a whole but the sentence structure feels off.
    • The reading experience feels clunky and inconsistent.
  3. You need Proofreading if:
    • None of the above criteria applies to you.
    • You just want to fix spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does editing guarantee my book will sell in the top 10 percentile?

No. Book editing guarantees that you are publishing a book that provides value to readers. This is an important step to getting into the top 10 percentile but not the only step. Marketing is what ultimately drives readers to your book. My job is to make sure that anyone reading your book gets the best possible reading experience.

Are you an individual or a company?

Dream Master Publishing is my brand but I do all work myself. I do not have employees or editing teams.

Do you provide a book cover?

No. I provide all interior book files. These interior files are ready to upload. A book cover is considered an exterior book file and requires the services of a graphic designer. In the future, I am considering partnering with a graphic designer to include this service but currently I do not offer graphic design of any kind.

Can you write my book description?

Yes. This will incur additional fees but I can write your book description. I even look up your book’s category and do the proper keyword research to ensure that your book’s description is indexed by Amazon’s powerful search engine.

I haven’t come up with a way to create a set fee for this so I’ll have to judge it on a client-by-client basis. 

What program do you use for editing?

All editing is done in Microsoft Word.

Do you use automated programs for editing?

No. I do all editing passes manually by reading the book line-by-line.

Will you upload my book onto Amazon?

No. When you upload a book onto Amazon (or any self-publishing platform), you are agreeing to a digital contract. Only the author can legally sign that contract. It’s actually against terms of service for me to upload your book onto Amazon.