Amazon Author Central is Essential for Authors

Most new authors are not privy to the fact that Amazon offers all published authors their own free author page. This is valuable digital real estate! What makes it such a powerful tool is that Amazon does a ton of marketing for you, so it’s essential that you take advantage. This blog post will walk you through the process of setting up your own Amazon Author Central page.

Create your Amazon Author Central Page

First, you’ll need to go to the Author Central Page and create your account. Use your Amazon account to log in and then register a new author account by following the link above.

Then your account will have to be verified. You must have at least one published book with Amazon for your account to be approved.

Once that process has been completed, you can add all of the appropriate information. Try to fill in all of the information. Always include a professional author picture too. Add in your social media information and blog if you have them.

Where Does this Page Show up On Amazon?

When a reader looks at your book on Amazon, it will have a hyperlink on your name. That’s how they get to your page. If you do not have a page, then there is no hyperlink and in most cases, you’ll lose a sale.

Benefits of an Amazon Author Central Page

There are a lot of different reasons to have an author page listed on Amazon. Let’s look at a few of them now.

Maintain full control over your profile. When you create an author page on Amazon Author Central, you are able to control it. If you don’t, then you are not taking full control over your publishing destiny. You’re also able to control what readers see on your book’s page. Put those “search inside” and “front flap” sections to use.

A page improves your search ranking on Amazon. Books that are attached to an Author Central page are going to get a higher index score on the Amazon search engine.

Add new books as you publish them. Setting up an Amazon Author Central page is a one-time process that takes no more than 10 minutes. Once it’s active, all you have to do is add new books to it as you publish them. It also has the ability to track sales of specific books, but they are not as detailed as the KDP reports.

There’s No Reason to Wait!

The fact is that it’s easy to set up an Amazon Author Central account. Since it only takes 10 minutes, there’s no reason to wait. Amazon provides authors who take this easy step with a lot of benefits. Plus it makes you come across as more professional.