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FAQ: Reflowable Layout vs. Fixed Layout EBooks

This month’s blog post is going to answer four frequently asked questions about eBook layouts. I am asked all four of these questions so often that it proves there’s some confusion in this area. I felt that a blog post would be the perfect way to address this confusion. Question 1: What Does Reflowable Read more […]

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Four Essential Steps to Publishing a Book

Authors don’t write in hopes of getting rich or becoming famous. Those are usually side-effects that go hand-in-hand with providing value to readers. In the past, it was difficult for writers to get their books published. Today, it’s actually easy. The challenge comes with actually getting readers Read more […]

EBook Formats: Reflowable and Fixed Layouts

One of the first things that you have to understand about publishing an eBook is that there are two types of formats, reflowable and fixed-layout. It’s important to understand what this all means before having your book converted. Reflowable eBooks are the industry standard for books published onto Read more […]

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