Easy Book Marketing Tips for Self-Published Authors

Easy Book Marketing Tips for Self-Published Authors

These easy book marketing tips for self-published authors will set you on the right path to becoming a successful writer.  So many people go into this process by looking at complex marketing strategies and they miss out on the fundamentals that are the cornerstone for success. Most first-time authors Read more […]

Self-Publishing Success on Amazon Made Easy

Self-Publishing Success on Amazon

There is no “one way” to find self-publishing success on Amazon but there are proven methods that I have used to multiply my sales. In fact, just following through with these tips will generate growth in unexpected ways. This blog post will show you some easy steps you can take to improve your Read more […]

Is Blogging Dead or Is it an Essential Writing Skill?

Essential Writing Skill

Blogging is still an essential writing skill even though the world has shifted over to visual platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram. However, it’s a legitimate concern for writers who are considering starting a blog but rest assured that blogging is still thriving as long as it’s done correctly. The Read more […]

Should I Go Exclusive with Serial Fiction on Amazon Vella?

Serial Fiction on Amazon Vella

One of the biggest questions with Amazon has always been its deep-seeded need for book exclusivity. They don’t necessarily require it with standard books, but they heavily incentivize it. So I feel like exclusivity will be an important topic moving forward with serial fiction on Amazon Vella. Amazon Read more […]