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Is Blogging Dead or Is it an Essential Writing Skill?

Blogging is still an essential writing skill even though the world has shifted over to visual platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram. However, it’s a legitimate concern for writers who are considering starting a blog but rest assured that blogging is still thriving as long as it’s done correctly. The Read more […]

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Should I Go Exclusive with Serial Fiction on Amazon Vella?

One of the biggest questions with Amazon has always been its deep-seeded need for book exclusivity. They don’t necessarily require it with standard books, but they heavily incentivize it. So I feel like exclusivity will be an important topic moving forward with serial fiction on Amazon Vella. Amazon Read more […]

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How to Write Serialized Fiction

With the release of the new Amazon Vella program, learning how to properly write serialized fiction will become a useful skill. This blog post is going to show you how to write serialized fiction the right way. Even if you prefer writing novels, capitalizing on this growing trend is still a powerful Read more […]

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Amazon Vella vs. Other Platforms: Which is Better?

Amazon Vella vs. Other Platforms: Which is Better? Better is a highly subjective term so let’s try looking at this from an objective point of view. I’ve already heard a lot of different perspectives on Amazon Vella – some people are excited while others are highly skeptical. It’s being said Read more […]

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Amazon Vella Becomes New Program for Serialized Fiction!

There are mixed opinions surrounding the new Amazon Vella program. In truth, they picked the perfect time to launch as the demand for short, serialized fiction is at an all-time high.  In an online world where users can easily scroll and click away from content, we are fighting for their attention. Read more […]

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