Editing Services

Why Choose Us?

Two Full Edits

We perform two editing passes in order to ensure that nothing is missed.


We keep all work completely confidential. Unlike many editors, we don’t require you to name us as the editor.

Ready to Upload

We take your book all the way to completion. Your final deliverable will be a print-ready file and Kindle Edition of your book.

Kindle Conversion

We provide free Kindle formatting and conversion of your book.

Fact Checking

We make sure that all facts are correct and cited correctly.   

100% Guarantee

All work is 100% guaranteed with unlimited revisions. We’re not happy until you’re happy!

Editing and Proofreading Process

Step 1: Initial Communication. This step is used to collect all documents and verify that everything is in order. We also structure a payment plan here. Learn more about payments by clicking here.

Step 2: First Editing Pass. This pass focuses mostly on the content itself:

Make sure that all facts are accurate and sited correctly.

Make sure the content flows in a way to fully engage the reader.

Chapter and Sectional Headings must be Actionable, rather than passive. This is important to ensuring the reader stays engaged.

Sentence structure must remain consistent. A huge problem that we run into quite often is Syntax that’s choppy and difficult to read.

Step 3: Second Editing Pass. The second editing pass focuses on spelling, grammar, and proofreading. This is used to clean up any leftover errors that might have been missed during the first editing run.

Step 4: Additional Content. Sections like ‘About the Author’ and ‘Dedications’ are added now. You will be asked to provide the content for these sections.

(Note: Don’t have an About the Author section? You’re in luck! We can include it for you for a small fee.)

Step 5: Formatting and Conversion. The final step is to make sure that your book is ready to publish. We will provide you with the print-ready version and Kindle version of your book. That gives you everything you need to upload onto most major platforms.

(Note: At this time, we are unable to offer cover design. You will have to seek cover design elsewhere. Our task is to provide top-quality content.)

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