Professional Editing Services

Why Choose My Book Editing Services?

Developmental Editing

Increases the value of your book. I’m not talking about a simple read-through that so many freelancers call “editing”. Full developmental editing focuses on the core message, enhances it, and ensures that it meets the expectations of your target audience.

Line Editing Services

I go through the manuscript line-by-line to make sure that it reads flawlessly. This goes above and beyond spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Make sure the tone of each sentence is consistent with the overall message.

Formatting Services

I prepare your book for publication on Kindle and Paperback! My formatting services make sure your book is presented as professionally as best-selling books in the same genre!

Ready to Upload

All interior book files are returned to you 100% upload-ready for Amazon Kindle and Paperback distribution. I use my extensive knowledge of the publishing industry to ensure that the files are formatted according to Amazon’s guidelines.

Fact Checking

I research all statistics, claims, and other facts within the book to guarantee their authenticity. They are cited accordingly.


I keep all work completely confidential. Unlike many editors, I don’t require you to name me in the book. I also use up-to-date security software to guarantee the confidentiality of your files.

Editing and Proofreading Process

Step 1: Initial Communication. This step will address all questions and ensures that the client understand what to expect. I also collect all documents from the client and verify that everything is in order.

Step 2: Research the Target Market. This step ensures that I’m editing the book for the proper reader and genre. I look at similar bestselling books in the genre and browse through reviews. This allows me to make sure the book avoids the same mistakes as others.

Step 3: Developmental Editing. I ensure that the central message of the book is consistent and that it flows naturally from one point to the next. I also make sure the author’s tone is in-line with the genre and remains consistent.

Step 4: Line Editing. I go through the manuscript line-by-line to make sure each sentence is as effective as possible. Line editing improves the reading experience and ensures that the book is engaging.

Step 5: Copy Editing & Proofreading. I normally combine Copy Editing and Proofreading since they are similar. During this step, I make sure the book follows proper English and technical rules.

Step 6: Kindle and Print Conversion. I fully format the book for Kindle and Print. This is included in my editing package and does not incur any additional fees.

Step 7: Final Deliverable. I send all files to the client for approval.