Grow from Blogger to Published Author With One Powerful Tip

Millions of individuals across the world have aspirations to write a book. This is not surprising since everyone has knowledge that can benefit the world. What does surprise me is that only a marginal number of people actually follow through with that aspiration. Most individuals will hold onto their ideas until the day they die. With that said, some of those people write blogs. In fact, they blog so frequently that they have written several full books’ worth of content. They just have it formatted in a much different way. Then one day, they start to realize that they’re sitting on a ton of content that could be transformed into a book. They scratch their heads, wondering how to transition from blogger to published author.

If that sounds like you, then keep reading.

There are a couple of ways that you can actually go about growing from blogger to published author.

  1. Write your book in several blog-sized posts and post these to your blog. Then compile them into a book. I do not recommend this method because you end up using refurbished content.
  2. Take a series of ideas from your blog and polish them up. Rewrite them as chapters for your book. This is the best method because it uses ideas that have already been tested and hones them into a polished book. Plus it’s completely original content.

So let’s narrow that down into a much more fine-tuned method.

Transform your Blog into a Book

You are going to be using a regular blog routine to actually write your book. Find specific blog posts that can be used as chapters of your book. Use the most relevant and well-received posts.

Once you have those posts ready, just rewrite them so that they fit into your book. So rather than writing your book from scratch, you are repurposing blog posts to fill in each chapter. But you have to rewrite them so that the content of the book is unique.

Make sure that you are writing a book that’s worth reading. That means each chapter should flow seamlessly into the next. You’ll also need to edit the manuscript that you create to ensure that it’s high quality.

Finally, add new content. There are going to be holes in the flow of the book when you are pulling it from your blog so these holes must be filled in. New content will also entice your blog audience to buy your book.

Always Follow Up

You will need to create a promotional plan for your blog. This should be in place well before you write a book. So then all you need to do is show your blog audience where to find your book. Do this by placing a link to it at the end of every new blog post.

Bloggers should always follow up with their audience through social media and email lists. Keep them in the loop since the biggest benefit for transitioning from blogger to published author is that bloggers already have an established audience.