How to Choose the Best High Quality SEO Content Development Service

High quality SEO content is essential in today’s digital world. Content providers are everywhere but the top writers are leagues above the rest. In fact, 90% of freelancers on platforms like Upwork are fighting at the bottom of the pool for any client they can get. The top 10% of freelancers are at the top because of one important factor – they provide real value to their clients.

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression that there’s “less competition at the top.” It’s quite true. Freelancers at the bottom struggle to pay bills so they take on any client they can get their hands on. That means you will have to wait on an invisible list to get your content. And there’s no guarantee that content will add value to your business.

Professionals standing in the top 10% are busy, but they communicate it up-front and will be honest with you about when you will get your content. They aren’t afraid of not landing a potential client so they’ll be honest.

So when searching for professional content writers, shopping at the top puts you in the best position to get high quality SEO content that adds true value to your website. Here are the top three rules to follow:

Rule #1: Avoid Going Cheap

I get it. We all love to save money. Hell, if you’ve ever seen me shopping at the supermarket, then you’d know this all too well. But there’s a time to go cheap and a time to invest. Buying the generic brand at the grocery store is fine as long as you’re willing to give up extra flavors. I prefer less flavoring anyway so it works for me.

However, SEO content is not something you want to go cheap with. The fact is that your website needs all that zest and flavoring in order to convert. Here are two scenarios:

You hire a cheap writer who sends back subpar content that must be revised several times to even be decent. You wasted time and still got substandard content.

You hire a cheap writer who is great at their job. What you don’t know is that in order to work for such low rates, they will only work on your content for a limited amount of time before moving on.

In both scenarios, you get lower quality content either because it’s rushed or the writer just doesn’t have the right skillset to deliver high quality SEO content.

Rule #2: Seek Writers with Excellent Communication Skills

Great writers have natural communication skills and this comes across almost immediately. Top writers understand that in order to create high quality content, they must understand the client’s requirements. This requires us to have superb communication skills.

When reaching out to a potential SEO content creator, ask questions and pay close attention to how they respond.

(I don’t mean add things to your job description like “write banana smoothies at the top of the proposal so I know you read this” and call that communicating. That doesn’t work and makes me face palm every time I see it. Just so you know, AI algorithms can also read this and follow it so it does absolutely no good.)

Communication means messaging the writer and asking them specific, direct questions. Top writers will have their exact process posted on their website or in their portfolio. They don’t hide it.

Rule #3: Develop a Systematic Process for Getting High-Quality SEO Content

Before hiring SEO content providers, create a list of instructions that describe what you expect from the partnership. Top SEO providers understand and look highly on clients who present this sort of detail-oriented approach. Remember, we’re also vetting you to make sure you’re a good client to work with.

As you continue working with writers, update these instructions so you can use them in the future. Working with top talent doesn’t end at just getting high quality content. Looking at their business process helps you improve your hiring process. It’s a win-win situation.

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