How to Get the Perfect Book Cover Design

Bookbub proved in a recent study that book cover design makes a 30% difference in the click-through rate of a book. This paints a clear picture into the true power behind a book cover. Authors who get the right cover design are going to experience an increase in initial sales. After that, it’s up to the quality of the book. However, without a good cover, even the best written books will never get read.

Unless you’re a graphic design expert, you’ll want to hire a professional book designer. This blog post walks through some of the best tips to getting the perfect book cover design.

Research the Genre

A book’s cover must match its genre. For instance, a book based on religion wouldn’t benefit from a dark, demonic style cover. So the first step is going to be research. Look up other books in the same genre to see how they have designed their covers. Pay special attention to the mood and how each element encompasses the overall genre.

Describe the Design in Words

One of the biggest problems is that authors are great with words, but not so much with images. Therefore, it’s recommended that authors use words to describe their cover ideas. Then those descriptions can be given to the designer. Not only will this save both parties time in the long-term, but it also provides some valuable insight.

Prepare for Book Cover Design

Here are a number of additional book cover design tips that new authors should follow to prepare their book.

  • Make sure the title, subtitle, and author name are ready before seeking a graphic designer.
  • Decide on the formats of the finalized book first. Print books and eBooks will have different layouts.
  • Prepare the IMDB and barcode, as well as the book description for the designer. This is applicable for print books only.

Working with a Graphic Designer

Designers will typically provide up to 3 revisions of cover designs before they start charging extra. That’s plenty of time to work everything out as long as you make sure to send them detailed feedback each time. List every change you would like them to make.

Following Up with Cover Design

These tips are based on items that need to be completed before the design is finished.

  • Ensure that all images are copyrighted properly.
  • All cover images must be in high resolution of at least 300 DPI.
  • Make sure the cover looks good as a thumbnail. The title should be readable even when the book is a thumbnail.
  • Covers should not be too busy. Minimalism is your best friend.

Boost Book Sales with an Amazing Cover!

Finally, get feedback before you finalize a design. You’ll still likely have a revision left in the end so make sure your book cover design is perfect before finalizing it. Getting an amazing cover will automatically boost your sales initially so make sure you get this right!