Is Blogging Dead or Is it an Essential Writing Skill?

Blogging is still an essential writing skill even though the world has shifted over to visual platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram. However, it’s a legitimate concern for writers who are considering starting a blog but rest assured that blogging is still thriving as long as it’s done correctly.

The key words there are “as long as it’s done correctly.”

Blogging continues to evolve as we move into a new generation of digital consumption. There are several ways that you can transform a blog into a masterpiece of both text and visual content.

Blogging Tips for Beginners

#1: Pick a Niche and Stick to It

Whether you are writing a blog for fun or you are using it to promote a book, you should try to narrow it down to a single niche. A casual blog that you’re doing for fun can be a little more lax but most of the content should still be centered on a single thematic idea.

Once you have chosen a niche, be consistent. If you are erratic with style and topics, you’ll confuse readers.

#2: Use WordPress

The blogging platform you use is just as important as anything. As a writer, you don’t want the burden of always having to worry about the technicalities of blogging. Therefore, I highly recommend WordPress for blogging. It’s easy to use and streamlines the entire process.

With that said, don’t use a free website for blogging. Fork up the money and pay the $10 for your own domain and find a web host. You can get web hosting for a blog that costs as little as $20 per year.

#3: Fully Customize your Blog

The biggest reason I recommend WordPress is because once you get the initial setup out of the way, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. You can simply write, publish, and you’re good to go!

But you do have to go through the initial steps. Start by finding the right WordPress theme to match your blog. You can download free and paid ones from within the platform.

Once you’ve set up a theme, you can customize its color and layout.

#4: Post on a Consistent Schedule

Writing when you’re inspired is always encouraged but one of the best features of WordPress is that you can save a blog post and schedule it to be published at a later date. But before you write a single word, you need to decide on a publishing schedule. Once you have set up a consistent schedule, then you have to stick to it.

One of the best skills you learn with blogging is consistency. If your goal is to post once per week, then you should publish a blog post every week. Don’t miss a week.

Blogging is an Essential Writing Skill

Consistency is the most important skill you’ll develop as a writer. Blogging provides a great opportunity to master other skills as well. You’ll gain confidence, learn to write for an audience, and gain valuable writing experience.