Kindle Conversion and Formatting

Why Choose Us?

No Automated Software

We do not use any automated software to format the book’s layout. That ensures a clean, professional book.

Fully Functional NCX

For those unfamiliar with an NCX, it’s a fully-functional Table of Contents that works directly within Kindle devices.

100% Upload Ready

We take your book all of the way to completion and guarantee that it will be 100% ready for upload.

Why is Professional Kindle Conversion Necessary?

One of the areas where so many new authors mess up is by not converting their book before publishing it onto Amazon Kindle.

Yes, Amazon does allow you to upload a Word Document.

No, it’s not a good idea to do this.

While Amazon’s conversion software has certainly come a long way, it’s far from ideal. It’s a crap shoot – sometimes it works, other times it fails miserably.

Kindle Conversion Process

Step 1: Initial Communication. This step is used to collect all documents and verify that everything is in order. We also structure a payment plan here. Learn more about payments by clicking here.

Step 2: Communicate Potential Issues. There are a lot of guidelines that must be followed when publishing onto Amazon Kindle. Some formatting is simply not possible. Don’t panic though! We’ve got you covered. We provide a list of any potential issues there might be with your book and offer solutions to each problem.

Step 3: Format the Book. Once the client agrees to the guidelines laid out in the previous step, we will begin formatting the book. This is done on a line-by-line basis to make sure that all of the correct coding is used.

Step 4: Additional Content. Sections like ‘About the Author’ and ‘Dedications’ are added now. You will be asked to provide the content for these sections now.

(Note: Don’t have an About the Author section? You’re in luck! We can include it for you for a small fee.)

Step 5: Convert the Book. Now we’re ready to convert the book over to a Kindle version. As a final deliverable, you will receive the MOBI (Kindle-ready file) and a zipped folder containing all of the Source Files used to create the MOBI.

(Note: At this time, we are unable to offer cover design. You will have to seek cover design elsewhere. Our task is to provide top-quality content.)

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