Professional Line Editing Services

Goal: Tighten the structure of the writing and ensure that every sentence provides value to the book.

I go through the manuscript meticulously line-by-line to make each sentence as effective as possible. I am careful not to change the writer’s unique style while fixing issues. My job is to tighten sentence structure and make sure the writing is clear and concise.

Sentence-by-sentence pacing is an essential part of the reading experience so I pay close attention to the flow of the book.

  • Meticulously read each sentence to make sure it adds value.
  • Rewrite sentences to flow better without changing the writer’s style.
    • The most common issue found in line editing is the use of a passive voice. I will rewrite sentences when necessary to reflect an active voice.
  • Make sure the pacing works from one sentence to the next.

Developmental Editing vs. Line Editing

I see a lot of job posts that use these two terms interchangeably so I feel it’s important to address the differences. Developmental editing focuses on overarching issues like theme, chapter structure, character development, etc.

On the other hand, line editing addresses more focused issues like language, sentence structure, and coherence. In short, developmental editing cleans up the overall manuscript as a whole whereas line editing is focused on cleaning up individual sentences and paragraphs. They require two entirely separate editing phases.