Self-Publishing Success on Amazon Made Easy

There is no “one way” to find self-publishing success on Amazon but there are proven methods that I have used to multiply my sales. In fact, just following through with these tips will generate growth in unexpected ways.

This blog post will show you some easy steps you can take to improve your sales and find self-publishing success on Amazon.

Read this Before Publishing a Book!

Before you even think about self-publishing a book, there are three things that you must have to be successful:

  1. A well-written, professional grade book.
  2. Professional book cover that hooks readers.
  3. A clearly defined genre for your book.

If you don’t have all three of these things, then no amount of publishing advice will help.

Follow These 3 Tips for Self-Publishing Success on Amazon

Tip #1: Publish Books on a Consistent Schedule

Some successful self-published authors will tell you to publish books faster but that’s not necessarily the advice I’m going to give. Sure, having more published books gives you a higher chance of being discovered but if those books are not high-quality, then you’ll be discovered as an amateur.

Instead, find your comfort zone for writing a high quality book and then create a publishing schedule. One book every two months is a manageable schedule for beginners. Once you have set up this schedule, be consistent. I have personally found that consistency is the most important trait for finding self-publishing success on Amazon.

Tip #2: Grow a Newsletter

Email sells books…period. Authors will find that newsletters are a great way to keep their readers engaged between book releases. More importantly, it builds an email list that grows over time.

Your newsletter must be fun and engaging. Fiction writers might add pieces on character backstory that is not necessarily written in the books themselves. Nonfiction writers will provide tips and news related to the industry.

Another great thing about building a list of subscribers is that it doesn’t eat up a lot of time. You can dedicate one day every month to developing a newsletter and emails for subscribers. That makes this an easy step for beginners to take.

Tip #3: Invest in Paid Promotions

There are some amazing book promotion sites on the market and this is a great way to build a list of dedicated readers. For self-publishing success on Amazon, I highly recommend Amazon’s advertising platform as a good starting point. It’s very easy to use, quite affordable, and will get your book in front of a huge audience.

With that said, be sure to do your homework when paying for promotions. Not all sites are created equally. Always do the following:

  • Have a marketing budget and stick to it.
  • Track sales through each platform by using tracking links when possible.
  • Research a promotional site before investing in them.

Self-Publishing Success Made Easy

These three tips will vastly improve your sales and help you find self-publishing success on Amazon. However, it’s up to your book to perform so the first step is to always write high quality books.