Four Essential Steps to Publishing a Book

Authors don’t write in hopes of getting rich or becoming famous. Those are usually side-effects that go hand-in-hand with providing value to readers. In the past, it was difficult for writers to get their books published. Today, it’s actually easy. The challenge comes with actually getting readers Read more […]

Getting Inside of the Head of a Writer

Mindset is what ultimately separates those who only dream from those who actually make their dreams a reality. Any form of success requires a specific mindset. That mindset doesn’t come naturally, nor is it considered normal. One prime example of that is the common belief that true success comes from Read more […]

Seek Inspiration Instead of Waiting For It

Inspiration is normally seen as some kind of magical power that just occurs to certain people at specific moments in their life. Inspiration is definitely powerful, but it’s certainly not magic. Those who learn to harness its power are those who are willing to take action and seek it. It took me several Read more […]