The Organized 2014-2015 Screenwriter Directory


Are you tired to fumbling through agent listings just to build an email list or snail mail list? Have you ever wished that you could find a directory that lists these agents by submission policy? Maybe you have? Or maybe that luxury has never crossed your mind.
In comes The Organized 2014 Screenwriter Directory. Finally, a directory that separates listings by submission policy and not one that just throws everything together in alphabetical order.
This directory is designed to make life just a little easier by categorizing everything in an easy to find format.

Here’s how it’s organized:
1) Agents by Email Submissions
2) Agents by Snail Mail Submissions

3) Managers by Email Submissions
4) Managers by Snail Mail Submissions

5) Publicity Agencies

Feed your compulsive need for order by getting your digital mitts on this eBook. Stop wasting time fumbling through hundreds of listings just to build an email list and get a directory that provides you with them all in one easy to use location.

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