Valuable Tips to Improve your Amazon Author Central Page

Amazon Author Central is an often overlooked but extremely important addition for published authors. This page links to your book listing on Amazon and will provide readers with a convenient way to learn about you. This blog post is going to show you several tips for improving your Author Central account and boost your sales!

Make Sure your Books are Listed on Your Amazon Author Central Page

Once you have an author page set up, you can easily add books to it. Make sure you add all of your books so that it’s consistent. Amazon will have to verify the new addition, which can take a day or two but that’s standard. Once the book is posted, you can add a lot of additional information. Try to fill in everything and then wait for it to update.

While Amazon doesn’t actually tell us what determines a book’s indexing score, we can safely assume that books with complete information will be ranked higher in their search engines.

Extra Book Information to Add

Here is some information that you’ll want to include on your book’s detail page. This can only be added through the Amazon Author Central page.

Editorial reviews are the main focus here. There are several sections that include a significant review, notes from the author, inside the flap information, and even an about the author section. All of these should be filled out.

Provide a Detailed Author Bio

Write a detailed bio. This must be written in third-person and make sure you proofread it several times because it will be read by a lot of people. This is under the “profile” tab. When you edit your biography, you’ll have to use plain text. If this is left blank, Amazon will fill it out for you and you don’t want that. This is probably the most valuable part of signing up for an Author Central account in the first place.

Include Visual Media

Add photos and other forms of visual media to your profile. The more photos you add, the better your chances of standing out. In fact, if you can create a video to add to your profile, then that’s even better! Book trailers are a good way to sell your book but other videos work too.

Link your Blog and Social Media to Amazon Author Central

You’ll definitely want to link your blog and social media accounts to your Amazon Author Central page. That gives readers easy access to all of your information. They can learn even more about you. Plus, it makes you come across as more professional.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Author Central is an extremely valuable publishing tool that all authors should take the time to set up.