Want to Be a Better Writer? Learn from The Caped Crusader Himself!

If you want to become a better writer then you should take some tips from the Caped Crusader himself!

I am trying to stretch your imagination while having a little fun in the process. It’s common for writers to become so burdened by the stresses of trying to finish our next book that we sometimes forget that we are supposed to be having fun. So pull your mind out of the seriousness for a moment and follow along. We can all learn a lot from this awesome fictional crime fighting legend!


Batman was devoted to the pursuit of justice. He was forced to watch helplessly as his parents were murdered right in front of him. That led him to devote his life to fighting crime.

As a writer, you also need to be devoted to writing. Let whatever it was that inspired you to become a writer fuel you every day. Devotion means that you make a promise to yourself, set goals, and then work towards achieving those goals. Set deadlines and stick to them!

Having the Right Tools

Is Batman’s utility belt completely necessary? Not really since he can always fall back to his other skills (including martial arts), but those tools make it much easier for Batman to achieve his goals!

Writers don’t technically need anything but a pen and paper but having the right tools will make it much easier to write. If you are struggling with writing on a consistent basis then you should consider getting some more tools. There are some really awesome tools out there that are completely free so make sure to take advantage of them. Here are some ideas that you can add to your writing utility belt:

  • A Pocket Notebook
  • A Voice Recorder
  • Grammar and Punctuation Guide
  • Thesaurus and Dictionary

Have Great Allies

Even Batman doesn’t always work alone. He has a network of allies that help him from time-to-time. As a writer, it’s very easy to get isolated from the outside world but isolation can quickly become your worst enemy. Network with others on social media or better yet, visit your local coffee house and meet some new people. Engage in conversations. Talk to other writers who understand what you’re going through. Every time someone tells me that they are stuck on a chapter of their book I always give them the same advice. Get out of the house for a little while and mingle.

Leading a Double Life

Writing cannot be your whole life. Just like Batman had Bruce Wayne, you need a secret identity. Most aspiring writers have to balance a job with their writing but even if you are fortunate enough to be making a living by writing, you will need something else. Family, friends, and hobbies are all important aspects of a writer’s life so never take them for granted. Try to dedicate specific times for writing and then live your life the rest of the time. Not only will this make you a more productive writer, it will make you much happier.

Never Give Up

When Batman fails, he always manages to get back up, refocus, and then continue. This is a great lesson for everyone – not just writers. Life is going to knock you down, publishers are going to send rejection letters or you’re going to get hit with a nasty computer virus that destroys a whole day’s work. Trust me when I say that you’re not alone. You know what’s great about adversity? Every failure teaches us a valuable lesson that makes us stronger. What’s important is that you accept the setback, learn, adapt your strategies, and then move on. Batman doesn’t give up; neither should you!

Batman can teach us a lot of valuable lessons in life so it’s important that you use them to your advantage. These lessons can be summed up in a five word process:

  • Devotion
  • Tools
  • Allies
  • Balance
  • Perseverance

I’m sure that most of you would agree that those are the most valuable tools in a writer’s arsenal

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