Write a Screenplay Every 60 Days

CoverFrom Concept to Production, Write a Screenplay Every 60 Days! Guaranteed!

Write a Screenplay Every 60 Days is your ultimate guide through the entire process – from concept to completion. In this book, you will learn:

  • Why screenwriting is more than just crafting words. It’s a way of life!
  • How to take a concept and craft it into a sellable screenplay in just 60 days, every single time!
  • How to properly edit your own screenplay. People say it can’t be done but it can if you follow the instructions outlined in this book.
  • The layout used by the experts to produce award winning stories.
  • Formatting mistakes that get so many screenplays tossed in the trash. More importantly, how to avoid these common mistakes.
  • How to write the perfect query letter.

I’ll let you in on one of the biggest tips in the industry right now for free.

The foundation of a successful writing career is to actually write!

Yet, 99% of those who have a story to tell will never take the time to actually sit down and write it.

Imagine if you write a screenplay every 60 days. You will produce 6 well-polished screenplays every single year! Within 5 years, you will have written 30 screenplays. That’s insane! What are you waiting for?

Buy this book today and unlock the secrets to writing an awesome script every 60 days.